Green Capital Consulting

We provide consulting services with a focus on community development and business expansion.  Members of our management have been involved in assisting early-cycle companies for over a decade. We believe that our prior experience positions the Company to be a leading expert in environmentally friendly enhancements.  Our expertise includes handling regulatory compliance, book keeping, accounting for profits and losses, and a wide variety of other important facets of operating a compliant business, which many currently operating businesses lack the scope and experience to handle. Understanding business and operational efficiencies is critical to sustained growth within the market, and, as businesses grow, setting up the proper infrastructure is paramount for future success. In addition, a comprehensive understanding of the regulatory framework is essential to the survival of any business. Potential investors and employees who are looking to work or invest in new and emerging industries will have to learn how to adapt to the unique aspects of working in an constantly evolving landscape.

Our management has considerable experience working with both sides of the market, and will act as a consultant to navigate the extensive hurdles that each group will face as they enter emerging industries. Our diverse experience in a variety of business segments will allow us to capitalize on the many new opportunities that arise in developing markets. Specifically, Green Capital Consulting assists businesses in areas such a business development, marketing, real estate acquisition, real estate finance, licensing, property management, equipment leasing, technology services, legal, community and governmental relations, manufacturing, operations management, and many others.

Green Capital Marketing & Business Development

Green Capital’s focus has been on applying traditional advertising methods to create new industry standards. Understanding the nuance of regulatory requirements is integral to creating a brand that grows in each market and on a national level. Our team of industry experts has the unique experience and understanding to navigate the extensive hurdles plaguing businesses as they expand across state lines and grow into a national brand. Green Capital’s network of contacts and partnerships uniquely position us to provide immediate access to existing business networks and high visibility within developing markets. We can position your brand for maximum visibility in each market and set up the proper infrastructure for a nationally recognized brand.

Green Capital Real Estate

We offer complete services to clients which allows them to focus on their business operations while we focus on property management services, equipment, distribution channels, general operations, and management. We have state-of-the-art technology and management options that will increase the quality, efficiency, and quantity of production. Our initial focus on real estate acquisitions is centered on existing, well located facilities that allow us to take advantage of efficiencies in layout and have the capabilities to employ green technologies. We also explore opportunities to acquire real estate with existing tenants who are in need of a capital infusion and management services to improve and grow their existing businesses.

Green Capital Property Management

Property management serves as an integral part of our core business model because it allows us to effectively manage our property investments while providing the best service to potential clients. The focus is on our tenants and on how we can improve their operations in order to make their business as efficient as possible. Our equipment leasing and technology services tie directly into our non-real estate related services and allows for integration between providing available production, distribution, and marketing equipment, and offering what we be believe to be state-of-the-art technology. We offer access to top of the line equipment and design necessary for high-quality production, as well as a complete range of technology services to facilitate every aspect of the production process. We have access to cutting edge technologies through our founders and business partners which allows clients to minimize their payroll expenses as well as monitor and control their businesses remotely via their cell phones and computers.

Green Capital Development

Development is a core part of the long term growth initiative for Green Capital Ventures. We feel that this is the next segment of growth on a national level. Currently, a majority of facilities are converted from their original purpose for new business operations. This creates inefficiencies in energy, water, building layout, and overall operational efficiency. We believe that building a low energy or energy neutral facility with the ideal layout and setup for business operations is an extremely attractive opportunity for clients due to much lower energy and operating costs.  Efficiently designed facilities allow businesses to optimize their square footage and maximize output. With over a dozen major cities in the United States putting forth energy efficiency initiatives for commercial buildings, we are confident that this is the future of the commercial real estate industry. In addition, there are existing programs that lower the building costs through rebates, grants, and energy programs, and will allow for additional cost savings in the beginning of the green development movement.